Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston

At HD Dentistry, we believe in caring for people in the best way possible. We know that most of our patients want to have a comfortable and healthy smile. That is why we focus on comprehensive care and provide the best personalized service available.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

We know that patients are more than just their teeth and that your dental health can affect your overall health. When you come to our office, we will design a comprehensive treatment plan based on your needs and your current health with your dental goals in mind.

A Foundation in Preventive Dentistry

The best dental care starts with a plan to protect and improve the health of your smile. By designing a preventive care plan, our goal is to avoid future dental problems, emergencies, and lengthy treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Exams - We encourage each of our patients to maintain a six-month recurring dental exam and professional dental cleaning. Even if you have excellent oral health, a professional dental cleaning and exam ensures that if problems develop, we can address them as early as possible, saving you time and money.

Your dental exam gives Dr. Bryan Le, Dr. Ali Javaid, or Dr. Shannon Pham an opportunity to examine each of your teeth, your gums, and your bite to make sure that wear and decay do not develop. He will also perform a life-saving oral cancer screening. Your dentist is your first line of defense when it comes to early detection of oral cancer.

Digital Dental X-Rays – We take periodic digital x-rays that are low in radiation to see what we cannot diagnose with the naked eye alone. If decay, bone loss, or infection occurs, x-rays will allow us to address the issue quickly, safely, and effectively.

Professional Dental Cleanings - Even if you brush and floss regularly, you cannot reach all areas of your teeth with your toothbrush and floss alone. Our gentle and thorough dental hygienists will remove plaque and tartar that builds up beneath your gum line and between your teeth, leaving you with a fresh, clean smile.

Restorative Dentistry and Tooth-Replacement Options

Restorative Dentistry – Most people will need a dental restoration at some point during their lives. Whether it is a cavity that requires a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown to repair and protect a cracked tooth, we can offer you the restoration that will best meet your needs for your oral health and longevity. A well-designed dental restoration can save your tooth!

Tooth-Replacement Options – When you lose a tooth due to infection, decay, or from trauma, we provide tooth-replacement options that meet any lifestyle. From dental implants to fixed dental bridges, and even dentures or partials, our gifted dentists can restore the beauty and function of your smile.

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Are you looking for a dental office that combines personal, professional care with gentle and high-quality dentistry in the Houston, TX area? We look forward to welcoming you to HD Dentistry and providing you and your family with the exceptional dental experience that you deserve.

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