Free Teeth Whitening for New Patients

Nothing projects health and beauty quite like a bright, white smile. When you come to HD Dentistry as a new patient, we want you to have that feeling when you leave. That is why we offer free whitening to patients who choose us as their new dental home.

New Patient Exam, X-Rays, and Professional Dental Cleaning

Teeth Whitening Houston TXPrevention is the best way to protect your oral health and prevent common issues such as decay and gum disease. When you come to our office for a new patient exam, we will take the x-rays necessary to rule out any bone loss or decay.

Drs. Le, Javaid, or Pham will complete a comprehensive exam to determine your current oral health and create a treatment plan, if necessary. They will spend the necessary time with you to ensure that you completely understand your conditions, treatment options, and consequences if you opt for no treatment. They can also help you prioritize your treatment into phases to make it more manageable. 

Finally, we will professionally clean your teeth. Our hygienists are educated, gentle, and thorough when it comes to professional dental cleanings. We want you leaving our office with that fresh, smooth feeling that comes from a professional cleaning.

Free Professional Teeth Whitening for New Patients

As we age, our teeth collect stains from foods, beverages, and habits such as tobacco use. Having a stained smile can make you appear older than you really are. Teeth whitening is a safe, effective way to achieve the bright, white smile of your youth.

We will begin by creating your custom whitening trays from impressions of your teeth. This makes sure that your trays will fit your teeth snugly and stay put, keeping your whitening gel in place.

You can use your whitening trays in the comfort of your own home at times when it is convenient for you. You will place a small amount of whitening gel in the front of each tooth area and wear your trays for a specific amount of time. We will go over instructions when we give you your whitening kit. How long and how often you wear your trays depends on how stained your teeth are and if you experience any sensitivity while whitening your teeth.

If you do have side effects, let us know right away. We can advise you on how to avoid common side effects such as gum soreness and sensitivity so that you can have a dazzling smile without discomfort.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your New Patient Exam

We welcome new patients to our Houston, TX dental office each day. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the exceptional dentistry you deserve. Our team is fun, friendly, and professional. We strive to earn your trust and develop long-term relationships with our patients.

We look forward to welcoming you to our dental family.

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