Partial & Complete Dentures in Houston

Missing multiple teeth can make life difficult. From eating to speaking, and even smiling, missing teeth affect every aspect of your life. Being able to eat the foods you love can give you better nutrition, variety, and quality of life! That is why, at HD Dentistry, we offer high quality dentures and partial dentures to meet your lifestyle needs.

Modern, Comfortable Dentures

Bulky, uncomfortable dentures are a thing of the past. No longer is it necessary to have fake-looking teeth that fit poorly and make you feel self-conscious. When created correctly and with attention to detail, modern dentures look natural and fit snugly so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments when you’re eating or laughing with friends. You can feel confident and look great!

High-Quality Complete (Full) Dentures

Dentures Houston TXIf you are missing either your upper or lower teeth, complete dentures can give you the ability to eat and speak confidently! We begin by taking impressions of your teeth and discussing how you would like your dentures to look. Dr. Bryan T. Le, DDS; Ali Javaid, DDS; and Shannon Pham, DDS all have the skills and experience necessary to create comfortable, attractive, long-lasting dentures.

Once we have your impressions, the design process begins. We work closely with a trusted dental lab to create your custom dentures. When we receive them back from the dental lab, we schedule a fitting to make any final adjustments to ensure a proper fit. A follow-up visit will allow us to make precision adjustments to ensure that you feel completely comfortable.

Even if you have full upper and lower dentures, routine dental exams are still important. Our dentists will examine your dentures, check the health of your gums, and perform an oral cancer screening. Your dentist is often the first to notice the signs of oral cancer, and early diagnosis can save your life!

Natural-Looking Partial Dentures

If you still have some of your teeth, we may recommend a partial denture. We can use your remaining teeth as an anchor to hold your partial in place. We will design your partial denture to look like your natural teeth so that your smile appears seamless.

The fit of your partial denture may change over time due to changes in your bone structure. Routine exams will ensure a proper fit because we can make any necessary adjustments to keep your partial feeling great.

Making sure your remaining teeth stay healthy is essential to the longevity of your denture. Professional dental cleanings, x-rays, and exams will be the best insurance for your oral health!

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