Pediatric Dentist in Houston

Pediatric Dentistry Houston TXEstablishing trust and positive relationships with patients of all ages is important to us. Part of developing a positive relationship with children is starting at a young age. According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommendations, your child have his or her first dental appointment by their first birthday. By allowing us to work with your little one at such a young age, you are setting the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health and wellness.

Your Child’s First Visit

Kids who go to the dentist at an early age receive the tools and education necessary to take care of their teeth for the rest of their lives. Your child’s first dental visit is an opportunity for us to familiarize them with the sights and sounds of the dental office in addition to working with you, the parent, on home care techniques, nutrition suggestions, and tips on thumb sucking and bottle use.

We also use this opportunity to evaluate the health of your child, clean his or her teeth, and discuss what to expect with their development in the coming months and years.

Pediatric Preventive and Restorative Treatments

As your child grows, we will incorporate other diagnostic and preventive treatments, if necessary. Digital x-rays give us the opportunity to detect decay in its earliest stages when it is easy to treat. 

Preventive treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants can help protect your child from dental decay, the number one childhood disease.

Many children will require a filling at some point during their youth. Drs. Le, Javaid, and Pham are extremely gentle and masterful at putting your child at ease during any procedure. They will gently remove all decay and place a protective filling in your child’s tooth to prevent food particles and decay from forming.

Kids sometimes get hurt playing and running and teeth do not always escape injury. If your little one breaks a tooth and we can save it with a dental crown, we will recommend it. Even baby teeth are valuable because they provide the guide for their future permanent teeth.

Going at Your Child’s Pace

Every child is different, and we tailor treatment to the needs of your kids. Some children can sit still for long periods of time, while others start squirming after a minute or two. We will work at your child’s pace so that a great experience at our office does not turn into a bad one.

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