My dentures are loose. Can you help?

Many people don’t realize that your bone structure changes significantly over time, especially if you are missing teeth. Because your teeth and bone have a dependent relationship that requires constant regeneration, tooth loss creates trouble. Where you have missing teeth, your jaw bone may begin to resorb and become thinner. This creates problems when trying to create a snug fit with dentures. 

If your dentures are loose, we may be able to adjust them and reline them. Depending on how ill-fitting they are, we may need to create a new denture in order to achieve a comfortable fit that gives you confidence.

Gels and adhesives are not advised for long-term use. They are sticky and often affect the taste of your food. Additionally, they do not address the problem but only offer a temporary solution. 

Having the correct nutrition to maintain your health is important. Ill-fitting dentures can keep you from eating the foods you love and need to stay healthy. 

Call us for a simple evaluation and we can determine if a repair, reline, or new dentures will be best for you and your health. We create comfortable, attractive, long-lasting dentures for our patients and look forward to helping you chew and smile confidently again.