Can adults have orthodontics?

Many adult patients come to us each year wanting to know if we can help them have straighter, more beautiful, and more comfortable smiles. The answer is, “yes!” We treat patients of all ages who have a misaligned bite and would like to improve their health or appearance. 

Whether you never had the opportunity as a child or you simply want to improve your smile as an adult, we can help!

Traditional orthodontics – This is sometimes the best option for patients with serious misalignment issues, problems with their bite, or complex orthodontic treatment plans. Traditional orthodontics, combined with quality restorative work, can give you more comfortable jaws, a better bite, and a straighter smile.

Invisalign – This is often a great option for patients who want to cosmetically improve the appearance of their smiles quickly and discreetly. Clear aligner trays gradually move your teeth into a more ideal position by using constant low force. With this option, we eliminate the need for brackets, wires, and periodic adjustments. Simply change out your aligner trays approximately every two weeks and enjoy a beautiful smile upon completion of your treatment.

There's no age limit on having a healthy, beautiful smile!

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