Is teeth whitening safe?

For most patients with healthy teeth and gums, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. We offer both in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening depending on what will work best for your lifestyle.

Sometimes patients experience side effects such as sore gums or tooth sensitivity. Typically, these side effects are avoidable by adjusting how you use your whitening kit.

Sore gums – You may be placing too much whitening gel in each receptacle so that it leaks out onto your gums, creating soreness. Use only a small amount of whitening gel in each tooth receptacle, so that it stays inside the borders of your whitening trays.

Tooth sensitivity – If you whiten for too many hours on end or for too many days in a row, you may experience some sensitivity. Sensitivity from whitening gel often feels like a zing. Sometimes, you may only notice it if you drink a cold beverage or breathe cold air. Regardless, it can feel uncomfortable. Cut down on the number of hours you leave your whitening gel on your teeth and leave a day or two in between treatments. When you experience sensitivity, it should subside within a day.

If you still experience sensitivity, we can help! Certain products like fluoride varnish can reduce sensitivity so that you can still have a white smile. Desensitizing gels are also available to make a whiter smile possible even for those patients who feel sensitive.

Most patients whiten with no side effects, but if you are having problems, we are here to help! Call us and we can discuss ways to make whitening effective and pain-free!

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